ESG Introduction

We recognise our responsibility to ESG and the importance of creating a sustainable business, one that has a positive impact on the community and wider environment. We are committed to leading by example and fulfilling the needs of our stakeholders.  Please click on one of the business stakeholder boxes below to understand more about what matters in this area, why and how we engage:

Our Employees

What matters to them:

  • Emotional wellbeing and being heard
  • Job satisfaction and sense of purpose
  • Career progression and promotion opportunities
  • Company culture of diversity and inclusion

We engage with our employees with the objective of:

  • Attracting and retaining talent
  • Maintaining the mental wellbeing of our workforce
  • Maintaining high levels of dialogue

How we engage:

Management place particular importance on understanding their employees. Great efforts are taken to build strong relationships with each employee, offering each individual a ‘voice’. We are proud of our strong record of employee retention. Communication and transparency at leadership level is key and value is placed on leading from the ‘top’. We believe a healthy culture is one where voices can be heard, problems can be shared and solutions can be found. Our people are encouraged to shine, and listened to carefully. We reward our employees and conduct regular meetings to understand their personal and professional goals. Where we can, we assist our employees with any problems, offering confidential advice and feedback, or helping them access services they require to rectify problems, support their health or further their education or training.

Our Shareholders

What matters to them:

  • Investing in a sustainable business
  • Compliance with regulation and good governance
  • Transparent and high reporting standards
  • Attractive and progressive returns

We engage with our shareholders with the objective of:

  • Following accounting, governance and regulatory best practice
  • Attracting long term holders
  • Improving the reputation of the business

How we engage:

As a UK AIM listed REIT, REI Plc strictly adheres to the Corporate Governance Code and prides itself on the quality of its corporate advisers, ensuring that all aspects of regulation and compliance are met. Corporate accounting and reporting procedures are accurate and transparent, in line with guidelines. Management is aligned to the business with a healthy shareholding and are incentivised to create a business of substance and longevity, providing progressive returns to investors. Management pays particular focus to managing relationships with key advisers and engaging with investors, ensuring that shareholders are afforded the ability to vote on key matters. The sustainability of the business and its assets and income streams are a priority for management and effort is taken to protect the Company’s interests, growth and market reputation at all times.

Our Tenants

What matters to them:

  • A dedicated and professional landlord
  • Sustainable, safe, working environments
  • Value for money
  • Proactive, approachable and flexible attitude to commercial engagement

We engage with our tenants with the objective of:

  • Attracting and retaining quality tenant covenants
  • Expanding our market reputation for providing sustainable spaces
  • Maintaining portfolio income streams

How we engage:

The need for tenant liaison and relationships has never been greater. We have just endured a period of unprecedented uncertainty on a global scale, one which will no doubt be felt for many years to come. Management understands the importance of engaging with tenants, providing a platform to allow them to raise issues and negotiate mutually beneficial solutions. Many tenants have experienced great stress in these challenging times and we have never lost sight of our responsibility to not only protect our income, but to preserve the integrity of our business and the businesses of our tenants who occupy our spaces. By allowing flexibility in times of need, engaging proactively and avoiding tenant conflict, we have negotiated solutions that have suited both parties, improved our reputation, renewed tenant trust and resulted in positive lease events and improved WAULT.

Our Environment & Community

What matters to them:

  • A positive impact from our business activities
  • Connectivity with the community and wider environment
  • Maintaining and improving the quality of the buildings we own
  • A clear sustainability framework

We engage with our community/environment with the objective of:

  • Being a positive influence on the behaviours of those around us
  • Contributing to the future of our environment
  • Ensuring the sustainability of our assets

How we engage:

In order to operate a business of substance, depth and longevity, we firstly recognise the importance of the impact our business activities have on our local community and the wider environment. We aim to be the best at strategic asset management and provide the accommodation to allow others to socialise, live and work successfully. The quality and efficiency of the assets we acquire, determines the impact they have on the future of the environment around them.